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The must-have software for project management.

Blinno is the specialist for consultations, implementation and

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Why do you need for your project management? is the all-in-one software that makes project management clearer and more efficient.


  • All communication about your project on a central platform
  • Resource planning at a glance
  • See what your employees are currently working on
  • Check the status of your projects with just one click
  • Save time with automations
  • Visualize your work with dashboards and real-time reporting

and many more…

The way to the perfect project management tool

In task and project management, people still work a lot with e-mails and Excel spreadsheets or with numerous different tools. It’s obstructionist. You quickly lose the overview and have to painstakingly gather individual pieces of information.

Find out how to find the right project management tool for your company and what you need to consider when selecting it in our whitepaper.

Here below you can download the whitepaper.

The way to the perfect project management tool

Do these problems sound familiar to you?

You don’t know what your employees are working on.

You don’t have an overview of the current status of all your projects.


Communication about your projects takes place in different places and with different tools.

You lack an overview of your currently available resources.

Numerous meetings slow down the progress of your projects.

Repetitive work is affecting the efficiency of your projects.

With you can say goodbye to these problems.

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These companies trust in Blinno

We have already implemented our solutions for numerous companies from a wide range of industries.

Discover some of our success stories here.

The administration of the canton of Zurich commissioned us to clearly present and evaluate their project data, orders and certifications of external companies. With the help of, we have built our own structure to achieve this goal.

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evulpo is an international company that creates and offers to its users school material for various subjects in numerous languages. We had the privilege of building a solution for evulpo that greatly improved efficiency, clarity and communication, and allowed the company to scale at a rapid pace.

evulpo Logo

There is no such thing as “I can’t”.

We create a customized solution for your project management.

About Blinno

Blinno GmbH is based in eastern Switzerland. Since 2019, Blinno is an official partner in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) working in consulting and training.

Why Blinno?

  • Experience: We have been successfully implementing projects for our customers for many years. We support companies of all types and are therefore familiar with the individual challenges of different industries.
  • Know-How: We have years of experience. We are constantly educating ourselves and, as an official and certified partner, are in close contact with the creator to stay informed about innovations.
  • Doer mentality: We are always goal-oriented and deliver products that our customers can trust.
  • Transparency and openness: We are characterized by fairness, open feedback, honesty and transparency.

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