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1. May 2024

Would you like to find out more about products? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we explain the basics of the different product types and the associated price plans. We will also show you step by step how you can switch to a paid plan.

The monday products are complete end-to-end solutions, based on the Work OS, which have been developed for specific use cases. Whether you want to use for marketing, project management, CRM or software development, the products offer you a ready-to-use, fully customisable solution. As the products are based on the Work OS, purchasing a product gives you and your team the same flexibility, connectivity and ease of use that you already know and love from

If you are interested in a product listed below, simply click on the corresponding logo to find out more about the product.

monday Work Management

monday Work Management offers a platform on which you and your team can organise and manage work processes efficiently. With monday Work OS, a comprehensive work management solution, you can effectively manage tasks, projects and processes and achieve common goals. Start with a customisable board, choose from numerous templates and use over 200 pre-programmed automation templates. A flexible dashboard supports the customisation of workflows and smooth collaboration, increasing work efficiency and facilitating planning and resource allocation.


    • Flexible dashboard with over 30 widgets to display specific information
    • Customisable workflows without programming effort.
    • Over 200 pre-programmed automation templates
    • Facilitates planning and resource allocation
    • Promotes collaborative work and transparency in the team

Use cases

Project management in marketing

Teams can plan and manage campaigns from conception to implementation. Customisable boards can be used to assign tasks, monitor progress and ensure deadlines, while all relevant files and communications are stored centrally.

Software Development

monday Work Management can be used to manage the entire software development cycle. From backlog planning to sprint reviews, with integrations to common developer tools such as GitHub and JIRA to optimise the code and release management process.

monday Sales CRM

monday Sales CRM offers a fully customisable sales platform specifically designed to simplify and automate the sales process. With monday Sales CRM, you can customise sales stages, manage multiple pipelines and integrate seamlessly with email systems to centralise communication. The setup is simple and intuitive, allowing all sales processes to be centralised and flexibly adapted. Use monday Sales CRM to significantly increase your sales efficiency and optimise the management of your sales processes.


    • Customisation of sales phases and management of multiple pipelines
    • Integration into e-mail systems for centralised communication management
    • Automation of sales processes to increase efficiency
    • Simple set-up and intuitive use

Use cases

Lead management for small companies

A small business can use monday Sales CRM to effectively capture and track leads. The system makes it possible to quickly import leads and manage their qualification. Automated workflows can then assign leads to the right sales reps and schedule the next phase of contact to ensure a seamless follow-up sequence.

Customer service in medium-sized companies

Medium-sized companies can use monday Sales CRM to keep a detailed overview of their customer interactions. By integrating e-mail and activities, they can centralise all customer data in one place. Automation helps to document every interaction, from phone calls to meetings, creating a comprehensive picture of the customer relationship and improving customer service.

monday Dev

monday dev is a development platform that enables teams to effectively manage their software projects from planning to execution. The platform offers customisable processes tailored to the needs and strategies of the development team, as well as automation and integrations with tools such as Slack and GitHub. This promotes efficient collaboration via a centralised platform, which accelerates the product development cycle and improves product quality.


  • Customisable processes that can be tailored specifically to the strategy and needs of the development team
  • Automation of tasks and integration with popular tools such as Slack or GitHub and many more
  • Promoting collaboration via a common platform that is synchronised across all departments
  • Acceleration of the product development cycle through customisable workflows and automation


Use cases

Agile project management

Software development teams use monday dev to manage their agile processes. The platform makes it possible to plan sprints, track tasks and optimise collaboration between developers, testers and product managers.

Bug tracking and error management

monday dev is used to efficiently identify, categorise and rectify software errors. Teams can prioritise bugs and update their status to ensure that critical issues are resolved quickly.

monday WorkCanvas

WorkCanvas is an online whiteboard designed for professionals to promote teamwork and idea generation. The tool offers unlimited workspace for lightning-fast real-time collaboration and a simple user interface with numerous templates. It supports both offline and online synchronisation and can be used in a variety of ways, from presentations and agile workflows to project management. WorkCanvas is free to start, so teams can work together without any initial costs.


  • Unlimited canvas for limitless work and lightning-fast real-time collaboration
  • Simple user interface and access to a variety of templates
  • Supports both offline work and online synchronisation
  • Versatile use for presentations, agile workflows and project management

Use cases

Strategic planning meetings

Teams use WorkCanvas to visualise their strategic plans. The platform facilitates the creation of flowcharts and mind maps to structure complex ideas and make them accessible, which is particularly useful when creating roadmaps and setting business goals.

Remote brainstorming and workshops

WorkCanvas is used to bring remote teams together and hold creative brainstorming sessions or workshops. Real-time collaboration enables team members to share and develop ideas in real time, which strengthens team dynamics and promotes creative collaboration.

Free trial version of products

Would you like to try out one of the products without committing to a purchase? Then sign up for the free two-week trial period for the Pro version of one of the products!

To start your free trial of a product, click on the grid icon in the top right corner of your screen in monday and then click on “Explore more products”. Then find the product you want to try and select “Explore product” and “Try for free” to start your free trial immediately.

How the pricing of products works

When you buy a product, a new billing cycle begins. You can choose the number of seats you need. You can use each product individually, but also together. If several products are used, there are still individual costs for each product for the respective user.

If you want to create a new account, you can start a free trial directly from the product pricing pages. Simply select the number of users you want to add and get started.

Buy a product as a new user

If you do not yet have a account, you can create a new account for each product type. You can easily start a free trial from any of the product pricing pages:

On each product pricing page, select the number of users you want to add to your account. Then decide whether you want to pay monthly or annually (with the annual plan you get an 18% discount!).

Once you have selected your plan, click on the “Free trial” button for the plan level you have chosen (Free, Basic, Standard, Pro, or Enterprise).

Then follow the steps on the screen to create your new account for your chosen product type and you’ll automatically start your free 14-day trial of the Pro plan! If you decide to continue with us after these two weeks, you will start with the paid plan of your choice.

Purchase of a product as an existing subscriber

If you already have an account with monday and would like to buy a new product type, first click on the grid icon above the profile picture and select “Explore more products”. You will then see all your options in the product shop. Click on “Explore product” to find out more about a product.

From there you can start a 14-day trial period by clicking on “Test for free”. After you have clicked on “Test for free”, the selected product will be installed in your account.

To finalise the purchase, go to your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the screen, then to “Administration” and then to “Billing” to view your current trial versions. Click on the three-dot menu in the top left corner of the product tile you wish to purchase and select “Upgrade” from the menu.

If you click on “Refresh”, you will be redirected to the price page of the product type you have selected. Here you can select the desired tariff. Next, all you have to do is enter your payment details and click on “Submit Purchase!”.

And that’s it. Have fun with your product.


In this blog post, we have presented the various products from, all of which are designed to make your work processes more efficient and flexible. Whether for marketing, project management or software development, offers you customised solutions that can be adapted to your specific needs.

Do you have questions about one of the products or need help choosing the right plan for your requirements? We are the official partner in the DACH and UK region and are always at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help you find the best product for your goals. Start a free trial today to experience the benefits of for yourself.

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