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Written by blinno

23. March 2023

 5 Gründe warum eines der besten Work Os für dein Unternehmen ist

Whether project planning, customer relation management, marketing planning, personnel planning or recruitment: is the perfect tool for your company.

The world of teamwork has changed radically in recent years. Increasing digitalisation has forced many companies to rethink their workflows and look for better, more effective solutions. In Switzerland alone, almost 49,000 new companies were founded in 2022, all of which must bring a workflow to their projects. Especially in a fast-growing company, many different topics have to be dealt with at the same time, grow with it and be adapted again and again. In this context, the Work OS has emerged as one of the most promising tools. You can find a detailed demonstration of how to use in the video here.

In this post, we’ll look at five reasons why is the best work OS for your team.

1. Adaptability

One of the great advantages of is its adaptability. The tool can be seamlessly adapted to the needs of any company, whether it is a small start-up or a large enterprise. The flexible workflows of allow teams to organise and manage their projects in their own way.

2. simple collaboration

Another advantage of is its ability to facilitate collaboration. The platform offers a variety of tools and functions that enable teams to communicate and collaborate in real time. This includes sharing files, commenting on tasks, creating notifications and much more. By collaborating easily, teams can work more productively and achieve better results faster.

3. Automations

Automations are one of the powerful features of that allow users to automate repetitive tasks and processes, saving time and resources.

The tool offers a range of automation features that enable teams to achieve faster and more efficient results. For example, automatic rules can be created that react to specific events or automatically perform certain tasks.

By minimising manual work, teams can not only save time, but also focus on more important tasks and work more productively. Work OS Overview

4. Integratability is able to integrate with other tools and platforms, making an ideal central workspace for any team. Common tools, such as Slack, Bexio, Gmail, Mailchimp and many more, can be integrated into The integrations can be set up easily and seamlessly, providing users with a centralised work environment that helps them to be more productive.

5. Data analytics provides comprehensive dashboards, reports and analytics that enable teams to gain key insights into their projects and work processes. The data analytics capabilities also enable teams to optimise their workflows and make informed decisions quickly. By analysing data, teams can increase the efficiency and productivity of their work processes.

Conclusion is undoubtedly one of the best Work OS for teams on the market. Its customisability, ease of collaboration, automation features, integration capabilities and data analytics make it an indispensable tool for any modern business.

We at Blinno have been using this WorkOS for a few years now and can’t imagine working without We have been an official partner since 2019 and are the specialists in the DACH region when it comes to questions, training and consulting.

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Blinno GmbH is the official partner for the GAS region. We specialise in training, implementation, integration and consultancy. We also have a broad technical know-how and are experts in automating tasks, creating additional functions that you are missing and developing apps. We would be happy to help you get the full benefit of WorkOS.

Not sure if is right for you? We place great emphasis on honesty and transparency. In a free initial consultation, we will be happy to advise you on whether WorkOS could be the right choice for your company.

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