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monday dev – An overview of the product
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Written by blinno

14. May 2024

Technology is developing rapidly and presenting companies with new challenges. It is crucial that teams work together efficiently and effectively. This is where monday dev comes in, a revolutionary platform designed specifically for developers and IT teams. In this blog post, we will be looking at monday dev, an extension of the popular project management software The product aims to transform software development.

We will explore what monday dev is exactly, how it works and what unique features it offers to improve the way teams plan, execute and deliver projects. Whether you’re an experienced developer or a project manager looking for better ways to coordinate your team, discover how monday dev can revolutionise your next project.

What is monday dev?

monday dev is a flexible working OS that is specifically designed to support the principles of the Scrum methodology, while also allowing users to work in Kanban style. It promotes a culture of transparency, adaptability and fast problem solving within your project workflow. With monday dev, you can plan, monitor and manage the entire lifecycle of your product and effectively control your Scrum iterations. In addition, the system offers special boards for various aspects of project management, such as epic roadmaps, sprint planning, retrospectives and error tracking, which allow you to organise each project exactly according to your needs.

Who is monday dev for?

Whether you are a developer, designer or product manager – monday dev is for you. If you work in the software industry, you know that an innovative, solution-orientated workflow is required for your team to be truly successful. The monday dev product from gives teams everything they need to plan, create, revise and launch products in one easy-to-use, intuitive workspace.

How to install monday dev

Start by registering for an account with, if you don’t have an account yet, you can solve a free trial here first.

Once you have logged in, you will find a button (an icon consisting of nine dots in the shape of a square) in the top left-hand corner of your screen. Click on it and select “Explore more products” to open the product shop. There you search for “monday dev”. Then select your fare and the number of seats you require and complete the order process.

For more information, you can read our blog post about the monday products and buying a licence.

monday dev prices

monday dev offers various price plans tailored to the needs of sole traders, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies. Prices vary according to features and number of users. You can find a detailed price overview here:

monday dev advantages

The monday product offers a number of advantages, which are explained in more detail below:

Keep track of your sprints

Break down your large projects into smaller, manageable tasks and define your sprint goals using the Sprints Management Board! Your team can manage their daily tasks effectively on this board. The groups on the board are organised according to the individual sprints, and the elements represent the tasks that need to be completed in each sprint. You can use various columns to display and customise the data for your sprints.

Our revolutionary sprint management app turns your groups into sprints, equipped with data, conditions, filters and an active display that forwards information to connected boards.

Tip: Groups and columns are specialised for sprint planning, but can be fully adapted to your individual preferences! Discover the different columns here..

Create dependencies for your tasks

Once you’ve added your sprints to the sprints board, you can define dependencies between tasks and see how much easier your sprint workflow becomes! A task dependency defines the relationship in which certain milestones or tasks are dependent on previous tasks. Recognising these dependencies is crucial for both setting up and managing your sprint plan.

Your team can clearly define the dependencies between the various tasks that arise in each sprint and recognise how they are connected. This ensures that changes to a task affect all dependent tasks in the sprint. For example, fixing the search engine depends on the coding errors being fixed. This means that work on the search engine can only begin once the coding errors have been corrected.

Prioritise sprints with Kanban

Prioritisation is a crucial aspect when planning sprints. The Kanban view supports transparency by enabling team members to view the status of each task at any time. The clear structure and flexibility make it easier for teams to optimise the use of their resources. In this view, tasks are displayed as cards that are categorised according to their status: Ready to start, In progress, Waiting for review, Staging, Pending and Completed.

Manage your epics

While you are working on your sprints, you can get an overview of the progress of your epics on our roadmap board. This central, superordinate board compiles the important information that can also be found on your sprints board. Each epic is directly linked to the associated tasks in the sprint board, making it easy to track overall progress. Keep track of the status of your projects and visualise information such as project status, schedule and story points in a simple way.

Definition Epics: “Agile epics are large work items that can be broken down into smaller and more manageable work units, tasks or user stories. This series of work tasks pursue the same goal that the epic describes. Epics are an essential part of agile project and product management and a cornerstone of managing agile teams and organisations.”

For more information, see this Link. .

Manage your bugs

A bug queue is an effective way to list and prioritise all bugs that occur in your software. Once you have identified bugs, you can manage them efficiently using a bug queue and sort them by urgency. We have categorised each group according to its processing status. This includes prioritising new bugs, tracking bugs that are currently being worked on and monitoring bugs that have already been closed and successfully fixed!

Make submitting bug reports as easy as never before by using monday Forms! Forms allows you to personalise and standardise the way your team accepts new bug requests. Most importantly, it reduces the need for additional information requests once submissions are received.

Analyse data visually with dashboards

Use the dashboard view to visually analyse the data from your error queue. Centralise your data in one place and use the widgets to access all the tools and information you need. The dashboard of your bugs queue is an excellent tool to track various risk metrics at a glance!

Collaborate to improve your workflow

Collecting feedback is an essential part of an effective workflow. Track your action points, let your team members vote to find the most relevant feedback and optimise the processes for your next sprint with the retrospective board. This board enables your team to identify problems or successes and work together to improve your workflow.

It’s easier than ever to start a conversation with your team by using our updates section to think together about how you can improve the workflow of your sprints. Write updates, add files and track your item’s activity with this feature that allows your team to communicate seamlessly.

Automate your workflow

Do you want to make sure you meet all your deadlines? With the automations, you’ll never have to worry about missing an appointment again! Choose from our ready-made automation recipes in the automation centre or create your own. For example, we have customised an automation that sends a notification to the project owner one week before the end date of the project timeline. There are so many more useful automations.

Tip: Be sure to take a look at all the great automations in the Automation Centre to get inspired on how to make your workflows even smoother!

Integrate other platforms with monday dev

In the software industry, teams often have to work with different platforms in order to successfully complete their projects. The integration function allows you to seamlessly connect with external platforms. This is made possible by predefined integration sequences from which you can choose.


monday dev offers a transformative platform for developers, designers and product managers who want to survive in the dynamic world of software development. By integrating advanced project management tools and adapting to agile working methods such as Scrum and Kanban, monday dev facilitates the planning, monitoring and implementation of software projects.

Do you have questions about monday dev or need support in optimising your project management? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free initial consultation. As an official partner, we are happy to discuss your specific needs and show you how monday dev can revolutionise your next project.

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