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Project management with – how to overcome every challenge in your project work
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Written by blinno

22. March 2023


In today’s dynamic and digital business world, it is a decisive advantage to have efficient and adaptable project management tools. is one of the leading solutions in this field and offers much more than just a way to manage projects easily and reliably. Here you will learn what makes so unique, what benefits the software offers, and why the Work OS could be the perfect choice for your project management. offers tailored solutions for the individual needs of each company with its building block model.

What is is a versatile all-in-one software that allows companies to make their processes, projects, and daily work more efficient. The powerful Work OS enables easy resource management, task automation, gaining an overview, and improving team collaboration. Projects can be easily evaluated and tracked in real-time with clear dashboards. For this reason, is ideal for project management. To enable teams to work together anytime and anywhere, is cloud-based and can be used on desktops and mobile devices. Countless tools can also be integrated into

“Over 150,000 teams use and are already using it successfully for their purposes”

What makes unique for project managers


1. Building block model is like Lego. There is a green base plate and many different stones in various shapes and colors. With these building blocks, one can build whatever they want. This is precisely what is also possible with You can customize the software according to your needs without programming skills. There are no limits to the possibilities.


2. Flexible boards, timelines, and calendars

You can create individual boards to organize projects and tasks in clear and customizable layouts. Boards can be scaled as needed and customized with a huge range of elements. In addition, offers timeline and calendar views, which allow you to plan and track your projects and tasks by due date and priority. This way, nothing can be forgotten, and you can have a full overview of your projects in just a few clicks.

Timeline view in which tasks can be easily displayed on a timeline.

3. Automations offers integrated automation features that allow for repetitive tasks to be easily automated and workflows to be optimized – all without any code. For example, automated reminders for due projects or automatic assignment of tasks can be set up in


4. Gantt-view

The Gantt view in is a powerful tool that allows users to track the progress of their projects at a glance. The Gantt view is particularly useful for project planning as it allows users to visualize the dependencies between tasks and the timeframes for each item. Users can quickly see which tasks have been completed and which are still pending, as well as track the progress of the project over time. Furthermore, there is a “Critical Path” function and “Baseline” available. With the last one, the deviation from the original to the current schedule can be easily identified

Gantt view in with the baseline feature.

5. Resource planning

The Resource Widget in allows users to track and plan the workload of teams and individual team members. With the widget, users can adjust the capacity of each person individually to ensure that each team member is optimally utilized. Users can also track resource assignments for teams and ensure that work is evenly distributed to ensure maximum efficiency. The Resource Widget provides a clear overview of available resources and assignments, ensuring that the team works effectively and achieves project goals.

Workload widget in to easily identify overloading of individuals or teams.

6. Integrations

All your favorite tools and applications can be seamlessly integrated into, such as Google Drive, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. Therefore, proven tools can be easily reused. If your tool doesn’t have a standard integration with, you can always contact us and we will work with you to find a solution.

7. Reports and Dashboards

You can create customizable reports and dashboards to quickly view project progress and track the work and resources of your team at a glance.

Dashboards in can be easily customized and shared.

Why you should use for your project management

  • Improved collaboration: promotes collaboration within the team by simplifying and making information exchange transparent.
  • Efficient time management: By using timelines and calendars, you can better manage your time and set priorities. Additionally, you can easily manage the workload of your employees and teams.
  • Increased productivity: Automation and integrations help to optimize workflows and eliminate routine tasks, allowing your team to focus on more important tasks.
  • Scalability: is suitable for both small and large businesses and can be adapted to the needs of each company thanks to its modular structure.


Working with a partner to maximize the potential of the Work OS

Collaborating with an official partner offers a wide variety of benefits for businesses. This includes the extensive experience and expertise that enables customers to unlock the full potential of in a short amount of time. Customers benefit from local and personalized advice, training, as well as ongoing support and maintenance when working with a partner.



As an all-in-one software, provides a comprehensive solution for project management and team collaboration. The modular design of allows for the customization of features according to the needs of the company. Flexible boards, timelines, calendars, automations, and integrations ensure an efficient and transparent way of working. An official partner like Blinno GmbH provides comprehensive support to companies in implementing, integrating, and automating In a free consultation, businesses can find out if is the right tool for them.

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Blinno GmbH is the official partner for the GAS region. We specialise in training, implementation, integration and consultancy. We also have a broad technical know-how and are experts in automating tasks, creating additional functions that you are missing and developing apps. We would be happy to help you get the full benefit of WorkOS.

Not sure if is right for you? We place great emphasis on honesty and transparency. In a free initial consultation, we will be happy to advise you on whether WorkOS could be the right choice for your company.

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