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The five monday CRM integrations you need to know about
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Written by blinno

5. June 2024

monday CRM integrationen

You have probably already discovered the benefits of monday CRM in your sales process. However, if you want to take the workflows in monday CRM even further, we recommend that you try out the various integrations available to connect with other tools and platforms. offers a variety of integrations that you can use with monday CRM to optimize your sales and marketing processes. In this blog, we present five integrations that you can connect to monday CRM right away.

First of all, what are integrations?

Forget that you have to open multiple windows for each tool you use in your work. With integrations, you can manage everything from a single platform.

Integrations are interfaces that enable different software applications to communicate with each other and exchange data. They play a crucial role in the modern business world, improving efficiency and productivity by breaking down silos and seamlessly connecting disparate systems. By using integrations, companies can optimize their workflows, save time and reduce human error.

Find out more about integration here:

Why use integrations with

The use of integrations at offers numerous advantages that considerably simplify and optimize everyday work. Centralized management of all important information and work processes in one place significantly improves clarity and collaboration within your team.

By using integrations, you can also automate recurring tasks to save time and increase the efficiency of your tasks.

One of the most outstanding advantages of integrations is undoubtedly the synchronization of data between all platforms. Make a change in one tool and get the latest update in all your tools. In this way, you can avoid mistakes and generate more reliable information for decision-making.

CRM tool integrations

Die 5 Tools für dein monday CRM

Here are the top five CRM integrations you need to know to optimize your customer experience and improve your business processes.

1. Salesforce integration

Salesforce is one of the best-known CRM solutions in the world. By integrating Salesforce with, you can seamlessly synchronize important customer information. This integration allows you to import Salesforce data into boards, create new leads and opportunities directly from and monitor the entire sales process. This means you have all the relevant data in one place and avoid double data entry.


  • Real-time data synchronization between Salesforce and
  • Improved transparency and collaboration in the sales team.
  • More efficient lead and opportunity management.

If you want to learn more about how to integrate with Salesforce, we recommend you read more here.

2. HubSpot integration

HubSpot is a comprehensive platform for marketing, sales and customer service. With the HubSpot integration in, you can centralize marketing campaigns and sales activities. Import contacts, leads and deals from HubSpot into and create automated workflows to improve lead tracking and nurturing.

integrate monday and hubspot


  • Centralized management of marketing and sales activities.
  • Automated workflows for more efficient processes.
  • Simple tracking and maintenance of leads.

3. Pipedrive integration

Pipedrive is another popular CRM tool that has been specially developed for small and medium-sized companies. The integration of Pipedrive into makes it possible to organize sales activities and visualize the entire sales process. Import your Pipedrive data into and create customized dashboards to monitor the progress and performance of your sales team. and Pipedrive integration


  • Visualization of the entire sales process.
  • Import Pipedrive data into for a better overview.
  • Customizable dashboards for performance monitoring.

4. Mailchimp integration

Email marketing plays an important role in customer relationship management. With the Mailchimp integration in, you can effectively manage your email campaigns and measure the success of your marketing measures. Synchronize Mailchimp data with, track the performance of your campaigns and create automated workflows to answer customer inquiries and nurture leads. and Mailchimp integration


  • Visualization of the entire sales process.
  • Import Pipedrive data into for a better overview.
  • Customizable dashboards for performance monitoring.

4. Zendesk integration

For companies that want to provide excellent customer service, Zendesk is an excellent choice. The integration of Zendesk into makes it possible to manage support tickets and optimize the customer service process. Synchronize Zendesk tickets with boards, track ticket progress and ensure fast and efficient resolution of customer requests. and Mailchimp integration


  • Centralized management of support tickets
  • Improved tracking and resolution of customer queries
  • Optimized customer service process

Learn more about and Zendesk integration here.

Learn more about integrations

Want to learn more about how to get the most out of by integrating your favorite tools? Read our blog “ integrations: A comprehensive guide” where you can find more information.


The integration of with various CRM tools provides a powerful solution for managing customer relationships and optimizing business processes. By using these integrations, you can ensure that your teams work efficiently and your customers are satisfied. Try out these integrations and discover how they can help your business be more successful.

Would you like to integrate one of these tools with We can help you with integration and data migration. Book a free 30-minute consultation or contact us here.

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