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Visualise workflows with WorkCanvas
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Written by blinno

28. May 2024

In the new product from, you can give free rein to your creativity and design useful graphics to visualise your workflows and promote your teamwork. In this blog post, we will show you what WorkCanvas can do and how you can use it in your company.

With WorkCanvas you can literally go to the limits of your imagination! Whether you are collaborating with others or working on individual projects, WorkCanvas is a digital, online pinboard that allows you to plan retrospectives, create flowcharts, organise workshops and much more.

Launch Monday WorkCanvas

To log in to WorkCanvas, simply go to and log in by clicking on the “Log in” button at the top right.

Alternatively, you can access the WorkCanvas account through your account by accessing your products in your account.

Discover the price options

Upon registration, WorkCanvas provides three different tariffs to ensure that you get all the tools and features you need to fully utilise the product and discover its possibilities! You can view all the details of the tariffs on the WorkCanvas website and register for a corresponding plan.

Prices monday WorkCanvas

Hint: The Enterprise plan is designed specifically for users with a Enterprise account. As an Enterprise customer, you have the option of contacting us directly via the “Contact sales” button or contacting your account manager for additional information.

You also have the option of changing your current tariff via the profile settings. To view the billing information in your account, click on the profile icon in the top right corner of your home page and select “Billing”.

The WorkCanvas homepage

The main page of your account is the start page. Administrators can add new members, create new canvases, add projects and form teams and switch between them.

Every member who is added to the account is given immediate access to the home page, which serves as a central working point for all members.

Hint:For more information on the structure of WorkCanvas and tips on organising it, see Article about the WorkCanvas hierarchy.

Create your first Canva

You can either create your own canvas from scratch or use one of the many ready-made WorkCanvas templates specifically designed to meet your project requirements!


  • Starting from scratch:
    Um mit einer leeren Leinwand zu starten, wähle die Option „Neue Leinwand“ unter „Neue Leinwand erstellen“ aus.
  • WorkCanvas templates:
    To view all available WorkCanvas templates, select “Template library” in the menu on the left-hand side of your start page. If you move the mouse over a template, you can display a “Preview” or “Use template”. As soon as your canvas is ready, you can start customising it.
Canva Template Tool

WorkCanvas tool explained simply

The toolbar is located on the left-hand side of your canvas. Here you will find all the tools you need to build, organise and communicate on your canvas. Hover over the tool icon to see what it does and click on the icon to use the tool.

The selection tool

With the “Select” icon, you can click on any element or frame, which opens a menu with options for editing this element. Examples of editing functions include selecting the colour of the element, editing the text style, hiding the frame, leaving a comment and much more!
The selection tool also allows you to move elements on the canvas or within a frame to position them according to your needs.

WorkCanvas Selection Tool

Note: The editing options that appear with the selection tool vary depending on what you select. For example, the editing menus for a shape and a frame differ in terms of their editing options.

The shifting tool

The move tool allows you to move around your canvas and focus the view on what you want to see. You can also zoom in or out of your canvas by using the zoom option in the bottom right corner of your canvas to either focus on a frame or view your canvas as a whole.

Mobev tool Canva

Tip: The move tool only allows you to view the different areas of your canvas. You can use the selection tool to move a specific frame or element.

The template tool

You can either add WorkCanvas templates from your home page in the “Template Library” or use the template tool within your canvas from the toolbar. You can search for a template by using the search bar at the top of the template centre. By clicking on a template, you can either display a “Preview” of this template or choose to “Use template”.
Once you have selected the template you would like to use, select the area on your canvas where you would like to insert the template, click on that specific location on your canvas and adjust the size of the template to suit your visual layout needs.

Canvas template

The text tool

By selecting the text icon in your toolbar, you can add a text field anywhere on your canvas. By clicking on the text field, you can adjust its size, placement and content. You can change the colour and style of the text via the editing menu that appears next to the text field. Click on the three dots in the menu to find further editing options.

The sticky note tool

Sticky notes are a great way to add extra content to your visualisations while maintaining a clean and organised aesthetic. Drag and draw the sticky note anywhere on your canvas. Click in the note and start typing to add text.
Using the editing menu that appears when you select the sticky note, you can customise the colour and size of your notes or group them to edit several sticky notes at the same time!

Hint:If you select the “Lock” icon from the editing menu, you can prevent changes to this item. To enable changes again, you can simply unlock the element by selecting the “Lock” icon again.

The moulding tool

In addition to a variety of templates to choose from, you can use the shape tool to quickly create your own diagrams and visualisations or add shapes to enhance your templates! Draw and trace the shape of your choice anywhere on your canvas. You can then edit the colour, outline and text of the shape using the edit menu.

Tip:By selecting the shape option in the edit menu, you can swap your chosen shape for a different one, making it easily customisable!

The connector tool

WorkCanvas is all about connections! The connector tool allows you to link elements to build up ideas, create a flow and give the elements further context. Once connected, the elements can be moved on the screen without loosening the connection.
To add a connector, select the “Connector” tool from the toolbar, click on an element and drag the connector to the second element to which you want to attach it.
You can also add text to each connector to indicate the connection between the two elements. To add your text, click on the line of the connector and type in the text field that appears. You can edit the text via the edit menu.

Screen connector

Tip: For an even quicker way to create connectors, you can click on one of the circles that appear at the edge of an element when you select it. A connector is created automatically and you can drag the connector to the desired second element to connect them.

The mind map tool

The mind map tool is useful for creating your own vertical or horizontal mind map on your canvas to visualise structure and flows. To create and build your mind map, select the Mind Map tool from the toolbar and click anywhere on your canvas to insert the start node.
From the central node, you can start your mind map either vertically or horizontally by selecting the direction from the menu bar. To add a new node, click the ‘+’ symbol on the previous node.

You can also split branches to expand your mind map. To split a branch, select the “+” at the base of the branch at the previous node. To delete a node, simply select the node, click the three dots in the menu bar and select ‘Delete’.

Tip: You can change the colour of your mind map branches by selecting the colour icon in the menu bar that appears when you select this node. From this menu bar, you can also format the text using the “T” symbol and find further editing options by selecting the three dots.

The pen tool

With the pen tool, you can write or draw on your canvas by simply clicking and scrolling. Select the Pen tool from the toolbar and click to draw anywhere on the canvas. Use the menu bar to change the colour and width of your lines, group your drawings and more.

The task tool

To assign a task, click the Tasks icon on the toolbar and then click the area of your canvas where you want to insert the task. By selecting the expand arrow symbol in the top right-hand corner of the task, you can title and describe the task and assign it to a team member.

Tip:You can use the clock icon in the bottom left corner of your screen to time tasks or actions on the screen. This function is very useful during workshops and team-building activities.

The comment tool

Another effective way to communicate with your team on the canvas is to use the commenting tool. By selecting any element on the canvas, you can attach a comment to this element, which either the entire team can see or specific team members can mention.
Um einen Kommentar hinzuzufügen, klicke auf das Kommentarwerkzeug in deiner Werkzeugleiste. There you can enter your comment in the text field and type “@” to bring up a list of team members to tag in the comment.

The image tool

You can easily upload images from your computer to your canvas using the image tool. Click on the image icon, a box will appear that allows you to drag and drop an image from your computer or search your files for the image you are looking for.

Tip: Images can be linked via a URL to a website or a board so that further information or details can be referenced on other platforms. To embed a link, select the three dots in the editing menu and choose “Link”. You can then enter a URL of your choice.

The frame tool

Frames are a great way to keep your canvas organised. A frame allows you to create a border around an element on your canvas. Each frame can be labelled so that you can navigate your canvas easily and effectively. Once a frame has been created around an element, you can move the frame on your canvas and the elements inside will remain within the frame.
To add a frame, select the frame icon in the toolbar and draw the frame on your canvas, either around an existing element or within a free space.

You can adjust the size and shape of the frame by using the blue squares on the edge of the frame. By clicking on the frame, an editing menu appears with options for changing the colour of the frame, hiding the frame, leaving a comment or locking the frame. By selecting the three dots on the left in the editing menu, you will find further options, including an option to delete the frame.

Note:To move a frame on your canvas, you need to use the selection tool, click on the frame and drag it to the desired position.

Tip:The “Lock” option is a great way to ensure that objects on your canvas cannot be edited or moved while you are creating your images. This is a great tool when creating backgrounds for your frames.

By using the sidebar icon in the bottom left corner of your canvas, you can display all the frames on your canvas and easily jump from one to the next. From here you can also rename your frame by clicking on the existing name and editing it, or change the order by dragging and dropping the name of the frame within the sidebar.

Add new members

In your collaborative WorkCanvas account, you can easily invite new members to ensure an effective exchange of ideas and information. Simply click on the blue “Invite members” button at the top right of the homepage. Please note that only administrators can invite new members. Depending on your authorisations, you can also manage members and add teams to your account.

Start working together

Use the communication tools in WorkCanvas to keep your team up to date. You can assign tasks, hold video conferences and leave comments.

Organise your WorkCanvas

You can organise your WorkCanvas effectively by creating projects that serve as a collection of canvases in folders. Projects make it easier to organise and share your work. You can create and manage projects on the left-hand side of your homepage by selecting the “+” symbol next to “Projects”. Gib deinem Projekt einen Titel, lade Teamkollegen ein und füge vorhandene Leinwände hinzu, um gemeinsam an dem Projekt zu arbeiten.

Manage screens

You can view and manage all your canvases under “My canvases” on your start page. You can copy, duplicate or delete canvases using the quick menu for each canvas, accessible via the three dots in the top right-hand corner. Please note that members can only delete the canvases that they have created themselves.

Present and export your WorkCanvas

Would you like to present or export your work? In presentation mode, accessible via the “Present” icon at the bottom left of your canvas, you can navigate through your various frames and present your work. To export your canvas as a PNG, select the “Export” icon in the bottom left-hand corner. You can set the image quality here. Note that the export includes all elements of your canvas, regardless of whether they are in a frame or not.


In summary, WorkCanvas offers an interactive platform on which users can plan projects, create flowcharts and organise workshops. With user-friendly functions and a variety of templates, WorkCanvas supports creativity and efficiency within the team.

If you have any questions about the product or a function, or if we can support you in a project. Please contact us. As an official monday partner, we can help you with your project and provide you with our expertise!

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