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Our projects

For numerous companies we were already allowed to implement consulting, training, implementation, integration and development. On this page we present examples of our previous projects.

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These companies trust in Blinno

We have already had the privilege of developing the ideal solution for numerous companies in a wide range of industries.

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Realised projects

We would like to introduce you to some of our projects so that you have a better understanding of what collaboration can look like.

Keest logo


The Competence Center Renewable Energy Systems Thurgau, KEEST, supports companies in their search for energy savings.

Since strict deadlines and clear processes must be adhered to in the energy industry, as well as in cooperation with authorities and other agencies, a good overview of ongoing projects is elementary for KEEST.

We have developed an individual solution for KEEST, which meets exactly these requirements and ensures that no deadline is missed.

– Stocktaking
– consultancy
– Process optimization
– Realization and implementation

evulpo Logo

Kanton Zürich

The canton of Zurich had discovered and wanted to use it to map internal processes, make them clearer and increase efficiency.

In a first step, we recorded the needs and expectations, which formed the basis for our concept. We then implemented it and transferred the processes to

After the successful implementation, we trained the team for their areas of responsibility.

– Stocktaking
– Conception and planning
– Realisation and implementation
– Test phase and training

evulpo Logo


evulpo is an international company that creates and offers to its users school material for various subjects in numerous languages.

The biggest challenge for evulpo was not only to keep track of its international operations with many employees, but also to keep up with the strong growth the start-up has experienced recently.

In order to be able to quickly scale the production of teaching materials and work more efficiently, we developed a solution, which, according to COO Manuel Kant, would be indispensable today.

– Stocktaking
– Conception and planning
– Realisation and implementation
– Process automations
– Test phase and training

Ron Orp

Ron Orp, a leading electronic media service company in Zurich, was looking for optimization. With as their solution, they wanted to revolutionize workflows and increase efficiency.

First, we analyzed their specific needs and expectations, which laid the foundation for our concept. We then transferred Ron Orp’s individual processes to, including customized automations and links.

After successful implementation, we offered targeted training for the various departments.


RB Interior Production

RB Interior Production from Saanen came across and Blinno during online research. We recorded the current situation on site and jointly developed a concept according to the customer’s requests.

In addition to the introduction of, the rest of the company’s IT was also brought up to date by migrating to Microsoft 365. The results were significant time savings, structured and cross-company processes, and a secure and solid infrastructure.

– Stocktaking
– Planning and IT
– Realization and implementation
– Test phase and training


Offconsult, a holistic real estate consulting, interior design and planning company, optimized its work processes in the first half of 2023 by integrating and MOCO. The main objective was to use as a comprehensive tool for the entire project cycle and to enable seamless integration between the back office, particularly in the areas of billing and time management. Thanks to the integration, employees can now book times directly in and have a clear overview of all projects and resources, including vacation and absence times. This integration enabled Offconsult to increase its efficiency, ensure a smooth workflow and gain a better overview of project progress.

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