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Solar Solution

With our Solar Solution, we have developed an efficient, clear and complete solution for solar builders. The Solar Solution is built with in combination with the process automation software

From the customer enquiry to the project processing, all steps are present. There are not only are various templates available for the structure of your views, but predefined checklists are also integrated so that nothing can be forgotten.

With the help of this cost-effective and comprehensive solution for better and more efficient planning and processing of your projects, you have everything in one central place, which means that tasks are never forgotten and you enjoy full overview.


Cost-effective overarching solution for better planning and processing of your new requests and ongoing projects.

Track the progress of all current projects in one place

Enquiries that customers fill in themselves, brought together directly in one place

You can see all requests and projects at a glance

Get started in a short time with a complete solar solutionindividually adapted to your business


Never forget tasks again thanks to existing, customisable templates and checklists

Automatic calculation of the roof areas

The special function makes it possible to retrieve the roof areas of the customers’ house addresses without any additional effort.

To do this, customers enter their addresses on a contact form. Subsequently, the entire roof area of the customer as well as the listing of the individual roof areas with detailed information is automatically calculated and entered. This makes it possible to prioritise and filter the new requests without additional effort.

In the video below, we show you how this process works.


In the project boards you can work through your tasks step by step. You can also track the progress of the individual project phases in the project overview.

The dashboard provides a graphical overview in which the most important key figures of all enquiries, projects and orders are visible at a glance.

Once a request has been made by the client, the appropriate project size can be selected. The corresponding subtasks with checklists for the tasks up to project acquisition are then automatically created.

When a job is won, a project is automatically created in the project overview. Based on the selected project size, a project board is created from the respective template and linked to the project.

There is the possibility of embedding a form on the website, in which the customers can directly enter the most important information about the project themselves. This information is automatically loaded into

To ensure that you can work smoothly with the solution, we offer you and your team an introduction with training.

Questions about the Solar Solution

Do you have any questions? We may have been asked this question before and we have listed and answered it below.

What is the solar solution capable of?

The solar solution offers a complete package for solar builders – from customer enquiry to project processing. Thanks to numerous automations and the well-thought-out structure and design of the solar solution, users save time and gain an overview of the status of their projects and enquiries. All important key figures are visible at a glance in an intuitive dashboard, and detailed checklists ensure that nothing can be forgotten in the course of the projects.

Various special functions provide further increases in efficiency. For example, the contact details that interested parties enter via the contact form on the website are loaded directly into a monday board. Thanks to the address entered, the size of the potential customer’s roof is also automatically calculated, enabling quick and easy preliminary decisions and filtering.

What advantages does the solar solution offer me?

Advantages of the solar solution are, for example, the great efficiency gain. This is made possible by the numerous automations in the background. Furthermore, thanks to the detailed dashboards, the users of this solution receive important insights and a valuable overview of the current key figures. Thanks to practical checklists, the work steps are also designed in such a way that nothing can be forgotten.

Do I need a Enterprise licence for this solution?

No enterprise licence is required to use the solar solution. The Pro licence is already sufficient to view up to 20 projects simultaneously on the dashboard overviews.

An Enterprise licence offers additional possibilities to customise people’s permissions in and is suitable for larger companies.


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