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monday Sales CRM and HubSpot: Which is the better option?
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Written by blinno

14. February 2024

monday Sales CRM und HubSpot

There is no doubt that choosing the best customer relationship management (CRM) tool is an important step for a company. Choosing the right tool can save time and money and also provides the solution that is really needed to manage the processes. Two of the tools available are monday Sales CRM and HubSpot.

Both offer a wide range of functions aimed at optimizing the sales process and improving customer management. In this blog post, we will compare the two platforms to find out which one is better suited to your company’s requirements.

monday Sales CRM and HubSpot overview

Let’s start with an overview of the two platforms:

monday Sales CRM

monday Sales CRM logo

monday Sales CRM is a cloud-based platform that helps companies organize their sales pipeline, track leads and optimize the sales process. With a simple and intuitive user interface, monday Sales CRM enables users to efficiently manage their sales activities and keep track of their customer relationships. The platform also offers various automation options to facilitate the workflow and increase productivity.


monday Sales CRM logo

HubSpot is a marketing, sales and customer service platform that helps companies to maintain their customer relationships and promote their growth.

With tools for lead generation, marketing automation, CRM, email marketing and social media management, HubSpot offers a comprehensive solution for companies of all sizes.

monday Sales CRM vs. HubSpot

Let’s review some key points such as ease of use, price and integrations of each tool so you can compare them and choose the best one for your business.


Let’s start with the functionality. Both platforms offer a range of tools for managing leads, contacts and deals.

monday Sales CRM is characterized by its simple and intuitive user interface. It allows users to visually organize their sales pipeline and offers various automation options to increase efficiency. You can also integrate dashboards for managing projects, a content calendar, a Gantt chart or dashboards for analyzing data.

HubSpot on the other hand, also offers functions for sales, marketing and customer service. With HubSpot you can also create sales bots and call transcripts. Hubspot also offers the option of creating forecasts.

“What I liked most about is that it is super user friendly. Synchs to user emails to ensure messages/updates are received.”


Marketing and Advertising

In terms of features, the two applications offer the same possibilities, but monday Sales CRM’s working system is more user-friendly and intuitive, while HubSpot can be a little complicated when working with multiple functions.

monday Sales CRM CRM

HubSpot CRM


In terms of ease of use, both platforms offer a good experience. However, monday Sales CRM stands out for its ease of setup and navigation. New users can quickly familiarize themselves with the platform and immediately start managing their sales pipeline.

HubSpot may be a little more complex, especially for companies that do not place so much emphasis on marketing. The variety of features and options can be overwhelming, especially for smaller teams.

At this point, could be the better option for small to large companies. The learning curve is lower compared to HubSpot, so it can be easier to integrate it into a team.

monday Sales CRM deal managment


Another important factor is pricing. monday Sales CRM offers different pricing plans that scale according to your business needs. Prices start at a fixed amount and increase with additional functions and users.

HubSpot on the other hand, is known for its higher prices, especially if you want to use all functions. This can be a challenge for smaller companies with a limited budget.

The price point is really high when you start to get into all the package options and features. Users can certainly stitch together a cheaper monthly bill by using multiple dedicated services.”


Marketing and Advertising

Here are the links to the updated price lists of the two tools offers an attractive price-performance ratio compared to HubSpot or other CRM systems on the market. With different price plans and options, companies can find a solution that suits their needs and budget.


Both platforms offer a wide range of integrations with other tools and services. These integrations enable companies to seamlessly connect their workflows and increase their efficiency.

However, monday Sales CRM may not have as many integration options as HubSpot, especially when it comes to marketing and automation tools. However, both platforms offer prominent integrations such as Zapier, Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce and many more.

To find out which of these two tools is better in terms of your integrations, we leave you with the links to the list of available integrations so you can check if you can integrate this tool with other tools you currently use: integrationen

HubSpot has a larger selection of integrations, but the best tool depends on which integrations you need. As already mentioned, both tools have well-known integrations.

Here’s a summary of what we reviewed from monday Sales CRM and HubSpot:

Funktionen monday Sales CRM HubSpot
Sales pipeline Visual organization, automation options Sales, marketing, customer service
User-friendly Simple setup and navigation Extensive functions can be overwhelming
Pricing Scalable price plans, starting at an affordable amount Higher prices, especially for all functions
Integration Some integration options Comprehensive integrations with various tools

So, what is the best option?

Overall, both monday Sales CRM and HubSpot are powerful CRM platforms, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective solution to manage your sales chain, monday Sales CRM could be the right choice. is often seen as the better option compared to HubSpot, and for good reason. According to user reviews and expert opinions, offers a number of benefits, including:

Excellent user reviews: is often praised by users for its ease of use, flexibility and customization. Many users state that they have been able to organize their work processes more efficiently with

Expert assessments:

Expert reviews confirm the advantages of The platform is often praised for its intuitive user interface, extensive integration options and scalable functionality.

Price-performance ratio: offers its users an attractive price-performance ratio compared to other CRM systems on the market. With a variety of pricing plans and options, companies can find a customized solution that fits both their needs and their budget.

Still not sure if monday Sale CRM is the best choice for your business?

Do you have any questions about monday Sales CRM? As a Gold Partner, we can help you make the best decision for your business, taking into account your needs and budget.

Book a free 30-minute consultation and we will help you make your decision.

Conclusion can be one of the best options for small, medium and large businesses due to its ease of use, flexibility and price.

However, the final choice between the two platforms depends on the specific requirements and priorities of your company. It’s worth testing both platforms and checking which one best suits your needs. Ultimately, it’s crucial to choose a CRM solution that will help your business increase efficiency, improve customer relationships and achieve its goals.

If you want to compare monday Sales with Salesforce, we recommend this blog post:

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