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The 2024 product roadmap from
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Written by blinno

4. March 2024

As part of the Elevate 2023 event, presented a number of exciting new features and enhancements to the platform. In this blog post, we present the most important innovations and updates from’s product roadmap for 2024.

You can also watch the entire Elevate event on or we have recorded a summary of the most important new features for you on YouTube.

The revolution of the database – DB

The redesign of the database, known as mondayDB, represents a significant advancement in the handling of data and workflows on the platform. Originally introduced in 2023, it has already brought significant improvements in dashboard performance and drastically extended the element limit for complex boards from 20,000 to 100,000. This development opened up new dimensions in dashboard use, especially for large companies, which can now link up to 200 boards in one dashboard, significantly improving the performance and user-friendliness of the platform.

The introduction of mondayDB during the Elevate event marked a turning point by presenting a completely new data architecture designed for performance, speed, flexibility and scalability. The ability to load very large boards in under four seconds and extensive dashboards in less than five seconds demonstrates’s commitment to continually improving efficiency and user experience. This advanced architecture, which also supports the integration of user-defined formulas in automations and advanced API functions, offers users unprecedented flexibility in the design of their workflows. DB Product roadmap

By implementing mondayDB, users benefit from a significant increase in performance, which is a considerable advantage, especially when working with large amounts of data and complex boards.

You can find more information about mondayDB here:

The intelligence behind AI

Another focus is on the artificial intelligence of The AI assistant has already provided users with support in various areas. announces two new AI modules for 2024: AI Building Blocks and monday AI Bots. These modules make it possible to integrate AI into automation and offer dedicated support in specific areas such as Scrum or project management. AI Assistant

Simplification through the standardization toolkit

The standardization toolkit is another important new feature designed to simplify the duplication and adaptation of templates. Changes to a template are automatically applied to all boards generated from it, which makes managing projects much easier.

Innovative Board-Updates has also introduced various board updates, including the “Group by” function, which makes it possible to reorganize groups within boards. In addition, views can now be locked and rearranged, which improves user-friendliness. Other updates include versioning for boards, improved visualization of multiple selections and a new element card that enables a more individual display of information.

New authorization structures and required fields

A major update concerns the introduction of board-based roles, which make it possible to define differentiated authorizations for different users. In addition, the implementation of required fields will simplify the management of processes by requiring certain fields to be completed before a status can be changed.

Set new authorizations authorizations

Required fields

Required fields

Expansion of the product portfolio

Existing products such as Work Management and Sales CRM will be joined by visual updates and improved synergies between the products. One highlight is the announcement of Service, a new product that focuses on the ticket system and customer portal in order to strengthen the service area.


Finally, as a partner, offers comprehensive support for all questions relating to updates or individual solutions. The innovations presented promise to make the use of even more efficient and pleasant. We look forward to following these developments and seeing how they will improve the way teams and organizations around the world work.

The Elevate 2023 event once again underlined’s innovative strength and ambition to improve the world of work through intelligent solutions and forward-looking technologies. The innovations presented, in particular the introduction of mondayDB, mark an important step in the evolution of the platform and offer users new opportunities to organize their projects and workflows more efficiently and effectively. We are looking forward to further developments and how they will positively influence productivity and collaboration in teams and companies worldwide.

As an official partner of with extensive experience in implementing projects on the platform, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the latest updates or individual solutions. Watch our cinematic summary of the product roadmap for 2024 on YouTube and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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