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How much does cost?
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Written by blinno

17. August 2023

In today’s business world, where efficiency and team collaboration are critical, project management tools have become indispensable companions. One such tool is, which allows teams to keep track of projects, manage tasks and optimize collaboration. But how much does cost? In this blog post, we’ll look at pricing and plans to answer that question.

1. Is free?

Yes, offers a free version in addition to its paid packages.

The free version is great for small teams or individuals who need basic project management functionality. It’s a great way to get to know the platform and find out if it meets your needs. It is limited to two users and up to 1,000 items.

How do I activate the free plan?

To activate the free plan, first register for a 14-day free trial period (no need for a credit card). During this trial period you will also have access to the advanced features of the Pro plan. At the end of the trial period, your account will automatically be switched to the free plan, unless you decide to purchase a paid plan.


The price for starts at $24 per month for three users. The price varies depending on the features and the number of users you need. Here is an overview of the main plans:

  • Basic-Plan:

Simplified internal communication and project development. This plan offers advanced features such as unlimited boards, templates, and integrations. It is suitable for up to three users.

  • Standard-Plan:

Offers most of the advanced features of the platform. This plan offers additional features such as timeline views, automated workflows, and up to fifteen users. Perfect for collaboration with external stakeholders.

  • Pro-Plan:

This plan includes progress tracking, dashboards, and advanced timeline views. We recommend it for up to 25 users. After that, Enterprise is the right plan.

  • Enterprise-Plan:

Prices for the business plan vary depending on the specific requirements of the company. It offers advanced security features, custom automation and priority support. For exact costs contact us. Blinno is an official partner of in the DACH region.

You can see the current prices for the individual tariffs here:

2. How do I pay

Payment for plans is usually monthly or yearly, depending on which plan you choose. Once you have chosen a particular plan, you will be asked to enter your payment details. For monthly plans, an invoice is automatically generated each month based on the plan level you choose and the number of users on your team and your team’s projects.

If you choose an annual subscription, you will be charged the full amount for the whole year in advance, which usually comes with an attractive discount. Payment can be made with all major credit cards or alternative means of payment. Once payment is made, you’ll have access to the features and benefits of your chosen plan and can effectively manage your team’s collaboration and projects.

3. Additional functions of the plans’s paid plans offer a variety of advanced features that can take your team collaboration and project management to the next level. This includes advanced automations, integrations with third-party tools, custom permission settings, advanced reporting capabilities and more. The exact features vary depending on the package you choose.

how much does cost


4. How do I sign up for a plan?

If you are interested in, you can purchase your plan through Blinno GmbH.

Blinno GmbH offers individual solutions for companies that want to use to improve team collaboration and project management. Thanks to their experience and partnership with, Blinno can help you choose the right tariff and optimal features for your specific needs. They also help you with payment processing and provide technical support.


Overall, offers a flexible price range that allows teams of different sizes to use the platform. From the free version for small teams to the paid plans for more extensive requirements, offers a wide range of options. Whether you use the free version or opt for a paid plan, offers an easy-to-use platform that aims to revolutionize the way teams collaborate and manage projects.

If you need help figuring out which plan is best for you, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We are happy to help you!

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