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25. September 2023 und der AI-Assistent

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to symbolise technological innovation and is transforming every sector, from healthcare to finance. In the field of project management, AI promises to revolutionise the way we work.

With this in mind,, the leading provider of project management and CRM, is launching its AI-based assistant. In this blog post we introduce you to the AI Assistant.

The introduction of the AI Assistant at

The introduction of AI at goes beyond a regular software update. It’s like a window into the future Imagine a world where every task and every project is refined by an intelligence that knows your wishes before you even express them. This is exactly what’s AI offers.

The fact that has decided to integrate AI into speaks in favour of its pioneering role. The team behind this platform is constantly striving for innovation and breaking away from conventional ways of thinking. With AI, they not only take their product to a new level, but also reshape the meaning of project management in the digital age.

What is monday- AI?

Imagine a tool that not only makes it easier to plan and track your tasks, but even recognises these tasks in advance. This tool, known as monday AI, is the latest integration of artificial intelligence technology into the platform. It analyses your working habits, understands your priorities and offers you targeted optimisation suggestions in real time.

With AI, each of your tasks and projects becomes an opportunity to become even better:

    • Errors are minimised,
    • Deadlines are certain,
    • your productivity reaches new heights.

What makes monday AI, so special is its impressive ability to recognise user needs before they are even expressed. This allows the platform to identify obstacles before they become a problem, enabling teams to act proactively and overcome challenges with ease.

It’s like having a personal assistant at your side who always knows exactly what you want and works tirelessly to help you achieve your goals.

Another highlight of monday AI is its ability to learn. It adapts with time and use, learns from your preferences and becomes increasingly precise in its recommendations, enabling a customised experience. Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or just starting out, monday AI ensures you get the tools and advice that are right for your skill level.

Several apps are already utilising monday AI technology, and many more are expected to follow. These applications are the result of internal commitment at, developed by different teams on a common infrastructure. Soon, external developers will also be able to use this technology to create their own apps, which will then be made available to customers via the app marketplace.

Who can use monday AI?

Monday AI is currently in the beta phase and will be gradually activated for certain users. When Monday AI is activated for your account, a pop-up will appear in which you as the administrator can enable Monday AI for the entire account.

As soon as you as the account administrator grant authorisation, all other users will also see this pop-up. Everyone must then give their consent before they can use Monday AI.


Note:The terms of use for this tool differ from the General Terms and Conditions of the platform.You mustread the beta conditions of monday AI, before you add monday AI to your account.

The most important functions of the artificial intelligence of


Automatic task generation: This function is a real boon for project managers. By defining clear goals, the AI proposes a series of structured tasks to achieve these goals. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s how it’s changing project management:

Save time: No lengthy splitting of projects into tasks. The AI does it in seconds and you can focus on the essentials.

Higher accuracy: Artificial intelligence analyses historical data from previous projects to suggest tasks. This means that less is forgotten and ensures that every necessary step is taken into account.

Adaptability: If the project goals change, the AI can quickly readjust the proposed tasks to align with the new direction.

Intelligent prioritisation: It not only recommends tasks, but also a sensible order based on urgency and resources.

Integration of feedback: Artificial intelligence is constantly learning. If a suggested task turns out to be unnecessary or an important step is omitted, the AI incorporates this feedback to refine its future suggestions.

Creating and rephrasing emails

Composing e-mails is important in many jobs, but can sometimes be annoying. Thanks to’s AI, this is now easier and more personalised.


Communication optimisation: Emails are important in everyday working life. Writing and revising can be time-consuming and error-prone. This is where’s AI comes to the rescue and ensures a smooth, efficient process.

Personalisation for every userWhether you’re a manager, marketer, technician or office worker, AI writes and edits emails to suit your style and requirements. She pays attention to context, tone and content so that each message is perfectly tailored to the recipient.

Productivity increase: Instead of thinking long and hard about the right wording, you can concentrate on other things and let the AI do the work. This not only saves time, but also increases the quality of your emails.

Workdocs AI

In a world full of information, it is important to get to the heart of the matter. With the AI function from, you can keep an overview and concentrate on the essentials. But what makes this function so special?


Summary of your workdocs: With’s AI, you can quickly get an overview and structure the content of your workdocs.

Multilingual support: AI tools, like’s, are designed to work in multiple languages. Although the AI was mainly tested in English, it should also work in Spanish and thus offer a global reach.

Data securityThe protection of your data is our top priority; Even if uses external providers for its AI models, care is taken to ensure that all data is handled in accordance with the current data protection guidelines;

Formula Builder

Handling data can often be complicated, especially when complex formulas come into play. Thanks to the formula builder from, you can now simplify this process and still achieve precise results. What makes this function so useful?


Democratisation of analysis: One of the biggest advantages of this feature is that it makes data analysis accessible to everyone, whether they are a maths expert or not. You no longer need to be an expert to carry out complex analyses.

Greater accuracy: human error is minimised thanks to automation by AI. This means more accurate and reliable analyses.

Real-time adaptability: AI is able to adapt formulas to new incoming data, ensuring that analyses remain relevant and up-to-date.

Time saving: Professionals can now spend more time interpreting results and making informed decisions instead of manually creating formulas.


The AI is not just a simple update. It is a vision of the future, a promise to change the way we work. With its innovative functions and scaling potential, it heralds itself as a key player in the technological revolution in the field of project management.

What’s next? and its AI tool is only at the beginning of what is possible! Your goal is to further develop the platform based on the real needs of users. Do you have feedback on Monay AI? Share your opinion on this contact form.

You can also send feedback from the platform at any time while using monday AI:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have any questions? We may have been asked this question before and we have listed and answered it below.

Why does require authorisation from administrators and users to set up monday AI?

monday AI requires administrators and users to fulfil additional terms and conditions. which must be accepted in addition to the platform’s standard terms of use.

Are there any restrictions on the AI use of

There are currently no restrictions on the use of Monday AI. There will be limits in the future.

Which AI service does use?

monday AI uses Azure OpenAI as an LLM (Large Language Model) provider. By using Azure OpenAI, monday AI utilises the security functions of Microsoft Azure.

Will the data processed by AI apps remain in my region?

monday AI is implemented on secure servers to maintain our data security practices. If the data region of your Monday account is the USA, your inputs and outputs in Monday AI are processed on Azure servers in the USA. If the data region of your Monday account is the EU, your inputs and outputs in Monday AI will be processed on Azure servers in the EU. Monday AI is currently not available for users with accounts in the AU data region.

Ermöglicht der AI, Modelle mithilfe meiner Eingabe oder Ausgabe zu trainieren?

We do not use your input or output to train machine learning models, nor do we authorise others to do so.

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