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monday Sales CRM vs. monday Work Management

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3. August 2023 Work Management und Sales CRM

The product universe of is constantly expanding, and customers keep asking us many questions about when to use which product. In this article, we focus on two products that may seem interchangeable, but actually have some pretty big differences that could impact your efficiency: monday Work Management and monday Sales CRM.

Let’s start with the most frequently asked question:

What is the difference between monday Work Management and monday Sales CRM?

While the underlying Work OS building blocks that each product runs on are the same, the products themselves have some big differences.

These building blocks are things like boards, automations, dashboards and the other core elements that make up each account The differences between the two products are in how the building blocks help customers do their work within each product.

monday Work Management

It enables individuals and teams to manage any type of work with maximum flexibility.

monday CRM

monday CRM, sales teams can manage their entire sales cycle from pre-sales to post-sales. So when it comes to managing a sales team, there are unique features and functionalities in monday Sales CRM that make it easy to set up and run sales workflows smoothly.


Which product should you use?

We know that some people use monday Work Management to manage their sales pipeline. And we’re not surprised. After all, it is an extremely customisable and powerful platform that can manage any type of work.

However, we recommend that sales teams manage their work in the monday Sales CRM. Here’s why:

    • There is a unique set of features that are only available in monday Sales CRM – such as bulk emailing, the Funnel widget, and the Leaderboard widget, and more. New features will continue to be released exclusively for monday Sales CRM customers.
    • Workspaces are packed with pre-built boards, called “entity boards,” and contain the essential elements for running a sales pipeline. This makes setting up the phases of your CRM simple and fast.
    • Entity boards work a little differently than regular boards – they are already connected via automations. As your team works, items are automatically updated and adjusted, and new connections are created based on triggers you set.

Can monday Work Management and monday sales CRM work together?

Of course! The two products are siblings in the family. They’re specifically designed for seamless collaboration, so your sales team can use one CRM and everyone else can use the Monday monday work management platform they know and love. Both products are available under your organization’s account.

Switching between the two products is possible with just one click and team members and departments can still tag each other and communicate with full transparency, regardless of which product you use.

Which functions are unique to monday Sales CRM?

There are certain functions that are essential for a CRM and are only available in monday CRM. Here are some of our favorite CRM-only features:

    • Deal Phases Widget
    • Funnel diagram widget
    • Leaderboard widget
    • Shared email templates
    • Dedicated mobile CRM app
    • Shared email inboxes
    • Bulk emailing is constantly introducing new features for CRM. If you want to stay up to date, feel free to join the community.

monday CRM

Do you need help choosing?

At Blinno, we are official partners of and help you choose the product that best suits your workflow and your team. Book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts and we’ll help you answer your questions and choose the best product for your business.


We recommend using monday Sales CRM as a starting point for your CRM, which you can then customise to suit your individual sales pipeline.

If you want to connect several departments or teams via, we recommend that you set up your sales team in monday sales CRM and all other teams in monday work management. Because these two products are part of the family, they work seamlessly together, allowing the entire organization to work and communicate in a unified experience.

If you have any further questions or are interested in using Feel free to contact us to arrange a free initial consultation. Blog

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Official partner in the entire DACH and UK region since 2019 and active in consulting and training.

Not sure if is right for you? We place great emphasis on honesty and transparency. In a free initial consultation, we will be happy to advise you on whether WorkOS could be the right choice for your company.

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