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The ultimate guide to introducing Sales CRM
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Written by blinno

27. March 2024

Welcome to the age of digital transformation, where implementing a CRM system is not just an option, but a necessity for companies that want to succeed in the modern business world. Choosing a CRM system like can make all the difference when it comes to strengthening customer relationships, optimizing workflows and ultimately increasing sales.

In this guide, we take you step by step through the process of CRM implementation with We use the versatile possibilities of to show you how you can not only introduce the CRM system, but also customize it to meet the specific requirements of the company.

Your path to CRM success with

Introducing the CRM system into your company is more than just a step towards digitalization; it is the key to transforming your customer relationships and business processes; The goal? Seamless integration of customer retention and acquisition strategies that go hand in hand with your individual CRM strategy.

What does that mean for you in concrete terms? That depends entirely on your goals. At its core, however, it is always about collecting, managing and using data sensibly. With you can use this data to systematically improve your customer service and satisfaction. Whether it’s the optimization of processes or the evaluation of data – ultimately, not only your customers but also your employees benefit from a well-established CRM system.

Wondering how to get started? First, you should make sure that certain requirements are met.

strategic level

At a strategic level, this means having a clear CRM strategy that fits into your corporate strategy.

  • What goals do you pursue in dealing with your customers
  • Which customer segments would you like to expand?

organizational level

On an organizational level, it is important to evaluate and adapt your company organization.

  • How do your business processes fit with the CRM system?
  • How can you define your customer journey so that the CRM system can be optimally integrated?

Employee level

Not to forget the employee level. Involving and on-boarding your employees is crucial. They should be involved in the process from the outset to minimize challenges later on. Show them the benefits of the CRM system and how important their participation is.

With at your side and these steps in mind, you have everything you need to successfully implement your CRM project.

Why Sales CRM is the ideal solution for your company Sales CRM is an outstanding CRM solution that is characterized by its exceptional adaptability to diverse industry requirements. This platform not only serves to effectively manage and automate business processes, but also centralizes all the essential data needed to increase sales and improve the customer experience.

The strength of Sales CRM lies in its flexibility. The platform enables teams to customize boards, views and automations to meet not only industry-specific needs, but also individual work requirements.

Comprehensive advantages: Why Sales CRM convinces

  • User-friendly visual interface is flexible and can easily be adapted to industry-specific requirements, which simplifies handling and navigation.

  • Automation

With pre-built or custom CRM automations, manual tasks such as sending follow-up emails or reminders can be efficiently minimized, helping to save time.

  • Scalability

monday Sales CRM offers tiered payment plans that allow customization for different team sizes and budgets.

  • Data analysis and reporting makes it possible to gain valuable insights from data and make well-founded decisions with so-called dashboards

  • Security and compliance

Access authorizations and security functions ensure the secure handling of sensitive data.

  • Kollaboration

The ability to collaborate with internal teams and external users such as contractors or suppliers on promotes efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Integration

With over 70 CRM integrations and over 200 apps, can be seamlessly integrated into existing tools and systems.

  • Mobile App

The availability of a mobile app makes it possible to stay productive on the move and manage important business processes seamlessly.

By combining these features, monday Sales CRM enables teams to work more efficiently while retaining the flexibility to expand or reduce functionality as required. This scalability supports the growth of the company and ensures that the CRM solution keeps pace with evolving requirements. Given these comprehensive benefits, monday Sales CRM is an excellent choice for companies looking for a robust, flexible and user-friendly CRM solution.

Step-by-step: How to successfully introduce monday Sales CRM

Implementing monday Sales CRM in your organization is a crucial step that requires careful planning and strategic execution. From the beginning to successful completion, there are numerous milestones that you should keep in mind. Here is an overview of the most important phases to help you envision a successful project plan. This plan is for you if you have already opted for the CRM system.

1. The starting signal

The process begins with the decisive initiative by management to implement the CRM system. A designated project manager promotes acceptance and awareness throughout the company

2. Team composition

Establish a dedicated CRM team, led by a CRM manager, to manage both the strategic and technical integration of the CRM system. This team should consist of representatives from all relevant departments to ensure that needs are considered at all levels

3. Strategy development

In this phase, a detailed CRM strategy is developed that harmonizes with your company’s goals and values in terms of customer relationships. The CRM team analyzes the existing processes and determines the requirements for the CRM system, which are recorded in a detailed catalog of requirements.

4. Workshop with a partner (optional)

This section is not mandatory; you can skip it and start directly with the setup and implementation of your CRM system.

Nevertheless, we advise you to consider a workshop with a certified partner once you have finalized your strategy and specifications.

As a recognized Gold Partner, we offer workshops that are specially tailored to your individual needs. In these workshops, we discuss your specific requirements and work together to develop a detailed schedule for the implementation of your system.

5. Implementation phase

Working closely with your team, we start setting up the CRM system within, customized to your specific needs. Key users then carry out pilot tests and provide feedback for necessary adjustments.

monday Sales CRM also offers you ready-made templates that make implementation easier for your company.

You can find an overview of the templates here

6. Employee training & roll-out

Employees then receive training to enable them to use the CRM system effectively. At the same time, the system is rolled out throughout the company.

7. Go-live

After successful preparation, the CRM system goes live. This marks the end of the introductory phase.

8. Continuous care

Even after the go-live, it is crucial to regularly maintain and optimize the CRM system to ensure its long-term success. Regular reviews and adjustments ensure that the system keeps pace with evolving business requirements.

As your partner, we are available to you not only during the implementation phase, but also afterwards for support, maintenance and further development to ensure that monday Sales CRM becomes an integral part of your business success.

Conclusion: as the key to your CRM success

Introducing monday Sales CRM into your company is a crucial step towards deepening customer relationships, optimizing sales processes and ultimately accelerating your business growth. As we have seen, this process requires careful planning and clear strategy development.

With its user-friendly interface, customizable templates and robust integration of CRM and project management tools, offers a comprehensive solution that supports the entire CRM implementation process. From strategy development to go-live, enables you to effectively achieve your CRM goals while driving team engagement and satisfaction.

In addition,’s flexibility allows it to seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business, making it a valuable asset for long-term growth and customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions or need support in implementing your CRM strategy with, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help you and make sure your implementation runs smoothly and successfully. With our expertise and the powerful functions of, you are ideally positioned to fully exploit the potential of your company.

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